Playing at a casino or on the internet can be exciting and thrilling, but only if you keep control and are aware of the risks involved. If you are concerned that gambling is taking over your life, you must talk to someone about it. Gambling can be addictive, and resisting the temptation on one’s own can be difficult.

Do You Need Assistance?

We recommend that you get professional help if you recognize yourself in any of the following symptoms:

You can’t stop playing and find it difficult to play for shorter lengths of time than you’re used to.

After or during a game, you may experience health difficulties such as headaches or abdominal pain, as well as digestive trouble. Amnesia, sleep problems, and a general sense of dread are all indications that gambling has developed to the point of addiction.

Even when you’re not actively playing, you’re thinking about your next bet. It’s difficult to tell the difference between real life and video games. Even when you’re doing mundane tasks, you find yourself wanting to play.

  • A disrupted day-night cycle could be a sign of a constant urge to engage in leisure activities.
  • To achieve the same “loudness” during a game session, you must place ever greater bets.
  • As a result of your urge to play, you are experiencing financial and social issues.
  • If you are having difficulty speaking with someone close to you, a number of organisations can help.

Who Should I Talk to?

Go to if you live in the United Kingdom. You can reach them by phone or by participating in a live chat session with one of their advisers. They include articles on how to recognise a long-term addiction, guidance on how to help a loved one who is addicted, and much more.

Individuals visiting from the United States will find to be a beneficial resource. Their websites have discussion boards where you may talk about your problems with other individuals who are in a similar situation to you. On, there is also a live chat facility, as well as email counselling. If you want to talk to someone in person, go to Gamblers and find a meeting near you.

If you realise you are no longer in command, don’t be afraid to admit it. Games have the ability to devastate your life and the lives of those around you, so act now before it’s too late.